Bruce and Mark meet in the Podcast Lounge; a “chance” first meeting at this apparently forgotten gathering place. They talk about how Bob Goyetche‘s death has reconnected the community and reignited the passion for podcasting among many of its members.

Don’t forget to register to be part of the PAB Reunion cruise weekend taking place May 27 in Kingston, ON — 44 of your friends from across Canada and the United States are already registered!

Events mentioned

Podcamp Toronto: February 24-26, 2017 at Ryerson University

PAB Reunion Cruise and Bob Mob Hob Nob: May 27, 2017 in Kingston, ON

Canadian National Day of Podcasting, December 1 online every year

Podcasts and podcasters mentioned

Michael Musiel (the Virtual Yooper), The Podcast That Shall Not be Named

Jason Reese, Up in This Brain

Jasen with an E, AlienCG

Tommy Vallier, former podcaster now only Tweeter (as near as we can tell)

Jay Moonah, former podcaster among other things

Jowi Taylor and the Six String Nation Guitar, honourary podcaster

Scarborough Dude, Dicks n’ Janes

Bruce Murray, Zedcast (and possibly 433)

Mark Blevis, Electric Sky (and a new mystery show to come)

Other links

Bob Goyetche Memorial College Fund