The Podcast Lounge is turning into a happening place compete with a bartender and live musical acts. Bruce shares some audio clips from his archive and recalls breaking it down on a miniature drum kit. Mark seems to forget the difference between Quirky Skits and the Quirky Quiz.

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GUEST appearances

Tom LucierShane and Tom’s Squeezebox. Visit the Phog Lounge when you’re in Windsor.

Jay Moonah is Broke Fuse. Check out his Soundcloud site.

Podcasts and podcasters mentioned

Scarborough Dude, Dicks n’ Janes

Anthony Marco, many podcasts listed at The Podcast Emporium

Dave Brodbeck, many podcasts listed at Broken-Area and The Podcast Emporium

Brent Morris, several podcasts all listed at the Closet Geek Show

Sage Tyrtle and the now-defunct Quirky Nomads podcast

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