A new bartender serves up an ethnic drink, the large Superbowl crowd is convinced it’s watching a blowout, Mark plays audio clips from the infamous Hurley’s meetup of September 2005 and Bruce saves the day with an impromptu performance of his “The Game is on CBC.” Also, there’s some sort of construction going on outside the Lounge.

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Note the creative use of sound effects to mask the F-bombs.

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Guest appearances

Andy “Philippe” Bilodeau, AndyCast

Podcasters featured or mentioned

Chris Penn, Marketing Over Coffee

Shane Potvin, Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox

Julien Smith, In Over Your Head

Bob Goyetche, many podcasts including BobStuph

Cathy Bobcowicz, The Catfish Show

Tod Maffin, This Week in Marketing

Derek Colanduno, Skepticality

Alexis Mazurin, CBC Radio 3

AJ, Bob and AJ Show

Krash and Betty, Oka Zoo

Scarborough Dude, Dicks n’ Janes

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